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Personal Details:

born on 3rd of April 1950,  08:18 GZ  in Graz
one daughter, widowed

Autodidactic Training :

Psychology after C.G.Jung

Study of Astrology since 1988:
1999: Autorisationsprüfung und Erwerb des patent of astrology at ÖAG
astrological consultations si
nce 1990

Therapeutic self-awareness since 2000:

Initiatic body therapy according to Earl Dürckheim
Bodywork, Rebirthing, Aquatic Bodywork
Systemic and process-oriented constellations, 
Firewalking, mask work with Erich Haretzmüller.

Development of my psychic abilities through body perception and touch.

Development of the A-logical-release work® from a deep insight.

Languages: English, Dutch, French

I am an A-Logicial practicioner and a spiritual healer.


Since I can remember, I've been dealing with the subject of suffering!

My own childhood suffering first! an the WHY ??

For the past 30 years I have dedicated myself to the suffering of others and their individual WHY!

In this context I went from the Astro-logical to the A-logical!

A-Logical means that it exceeds our human thinking and everything we know! It gives an insight into our being from a different perspective. Beyond polarity!

All the knowledge I have gained is available for you firsthand.

For some reason, I've always put people in relation to God - To get the largest possible projection surface.

I proceed from creative healing in order to understand our sickness. That showed itself to me! Hence the healing I offer is where all of our wonderful therapeutic methods have their limits. My attention was drawn to the fact that the origin of all our suffering lies entirely elsewhere.


Your creative healing

The knowledge of all of our fundamental health is the basis of my work. That means you have everything, you are not missing anything!

Creativity and self-power as well as joie de vivre and abundance are also abundant in you.

The conscious access is interrupted here and there.

Illness, pain, crises, fears, burnout overshadow the natural access to your healed creator-self.

I use my clairvoyance and clairvoyance skills to penetrate these shadows. I will find the original wound / s of your current suffering and release you from it. We will find your light together. There is nothing more to be done.

This is my gift .


Release from suffering


It is possible for me to find the respective origin for every suffering.

With my inner eyes, with my creative light, I see and grasp the moment where you have lost the connection to your creative light. That is the only reason there is suffering at all. To find the lost lights again! The solutions that I have personally sought have led me to salvation. Whether we know it or not, believe it or not! Our creator origin, that from which we were created, is light and pure unconditional love!

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