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wege magazine 1 + 2/20

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My book " Something yearns to be seen" has been published.

It is available in my practice, as well as from the publisher Amalthea, Amazon and bookstores for the price of 19,95 .

Analytical systems cannot detect predicaments a person has experienced and is still suffering from.

These incidents need to be seen and released.

This insight requires a completely new perspective of how we regard illnesses.

We have learned to blame ourselves for being sick or having a problem.
“What have I done to suffer from this?”
“Maybe if I had expressed my creative side more, I wouldn’t be suffering from abdominal pain.”
We all know these accusations, but they are wrong.

From now on it's different.

The new motto is : "What yearns to be seen ?"

What yearns to be seen is the vivid part of the creative power every person carries within them.

It is immortal and shapes itself over and over again with each new incarnation.

If its development is neglected it will seek attention and cause pain in the process.

You and the people around you and any situations you are confronted with will “help” to tell the story of the experienced so that it can finally be seen and released.

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