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2-year courses



To learn to see yourself, the people, life, from the perspective of the creator.

To be able to have a redeeming effect for yourself and others.

The most important tool for this wonderful work is you yourself.

All your senses, your innermost self, your creative impulses.

The whole physical, mental and spiritual person that you are is needed.

You will develop your abilities to feel, see and hear within yourself.

You will learn to get to the bottom of the symptoms of illness and suffering, to redeem people from their suffering and to find lost creative sparks again.

You will become aware of unconditional love!

To give you more and more space within you and in your life - because it is the essence of the a-logical way of release  .

You will experience that you are whole, whole, that you lack nothing, that everything is there!


As part of your training, you have 2 years in our community to develop your skills.

You have the rest of your life to complete all of these points.

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